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I want to be running when the sand runs out -

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    "I've got the keys to the car
    I'm goin' out on an afternoon vacation
    They all know where I'm gonna go

    The sun is shinin' down and
    There's no one else around now
    I wish you were here to hear me say
    This is gonna be my greatest day "

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  • 05/02/05--11:04: Article 8


    ps. anyone who owes me for kiss concert tickets (aka everyone except Sarah) needs to pay me/my mom asap(like by the end of the week) because she knows other people who want them and she said shes gonna sell them if she doesnt get the money($45)

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    Yesterday was SATS.. nothing really to say about them except that they were really long...after that I went to Sal's with Katie Mac and Mary then we went to my work where Mary tried to get me in trouble... Sarah called me on the way home to try to make plans for that night but we all know how good we are at making plans but we figured it out and katie mac and sarah came over to my house.. It was supposed to be "sappy movie night" but we have add and never got to it.. instead we played Shout About Movies which turned out to be incredibly entertaining.. Sarah and I won the first game after an amazing come back... Katie and Mac were winning the second time until Katie broke the game.. They all left around 10.. I stayed up for a while and chatted with my mom then I went to bed and now its sunday and I really have noting to do.. Im supposed to be cleaning my room but I have mastered the art of procrastination!! Soo yea thats my update

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  • 05/10/05--15:11: Article 6
  • Its only Tuesday and it feels like it should be at least Thursday...
    yesterday was surprisingly good considering it was a Monday and g day which is my second least favorite day... but overall it was pretty good especially because my block 2 class is the funniest thing ever.. not to mention that there was a huge weight lifted of my shoulders that class because of Katie Sarah and Steph(I hope it all works out!).Then after school I had volunteering which was incredibly boring because all I did was cool down horses.. I didnt get to work with any of the kids so that was disappointing..Then I came home and wrote my prospectus.. I really need to get working on that paper .. I keep putting it off...Today is Tuesday it was long and boring but not too bad... We had keyclub after school which was completely hectic.. we were trying to get this whole 45s thing organized but Im not really sure how that worked out.. I dont think I got all the numbers for the envelopes of tickets but thats ok hopefully everyone will sell enough so this will work out... Once its over it will be one less thing to worry about... I have 1000000 things running through my head right now and its really frustrating... I cant even think straight anymore... Physics test, 45s night, key club dues, research paper, precalc that I cant understand to save my life,psychology project, homework, work, volunteering, my parents who think I am making it a point not to be home anymore, college planning/visiting... does anyone else feel like they are being pulled in 800 directions? or is it just me? I need a very lonnnnnnngggggg vacation away from everything to figure stuff out... yea thats it I think my rant is over(for now anyway)

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  • 05/23/05--11:49: <3 5/21/05 <3
  • So Kiss concert was AMAZING!!!!!!! Lets go over some highlights

    -John Legend told the audience to sing along with him during the Holla Holla part of his song.. Katie and I didnt know the song but we put in Holla Hollas where we felt necessary and I must say we were pretty good at it
    -Katie and I got bored during the intermission and starting singing old girl scout songs
    - BSB!!!!! they were so amazing.. I felt like I was 10 again and it was the best feeling ever It was so exciting... we were all giddy and jumping around screaming as loud as physically possible... They made it stop raining and a huge rainbow came out and it was incredible
    -Good Charlotte and Bowling for soup were awesome as well
    -GAVIN DEGRAW who is possibly on of the best live performers ever
    -Sarah and I tricked the Mardi Gras bead man to get more and then he matched the beads to our clothes
    -WILL SMITH .. I dont care what anyone says.. he still has it.. oh man I love him AMAZING
    -Katie Parker and I tried to take a picture of us lying on the blanket and almost went blind... that is going to be the funniest looking picture ever
    -The binocular man.. enough said
    -The lady in the line for the bathroom who almost beat up a bunch of people and then bitched so much that mac and i got through quicker along with her
    -And of course there was the PONCHO CREW who is amazing and I love you all!!! We know we looked hot!

    It was so exciting!! I keep hearing all the songs on the radio and Im like yea I saw that LIVE!! I am still so happy!!

    but now its monday which sucks.. got my SAT scores ..ewwww two thumbs down on that one!! Volunteering tonite in the rain again eww and physics homework not to mention a test longblock on thursday I think I might just kill myself... I hate physics.. I pity all of you who are taking AP next year..But yea thats it I dont feel like writing any more so Im done

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  • 05/26/05--13:36: Article 4
  • I feel like everything is starting to fall apart on me. I just had a long chat with my mom about this whole court thing thats been going on and she pretty much told me that theres a 50% chance that I wont be here my senior year.If we lose and this guy is granted the amount of money he is asking for which is a lot, we will have to sell the house and move... so I have spent the past hour in my room balling my eyes out. Our lawyer says he thinks we have a good chance because we have all documents and pictures to prove our case but theres no way to say how the judge will rule... I dont know what to do anymore.. theres nothing I can do to help... Ive lived in the same house my whole life.. I dont want to move especially right before my senior year. I feel like I shouldnt be so upset about this but I just cant stop thinking about it. I just hope it doesnt get that far

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  • 06/13/05--16:15: ew
  • It is way too hot out... there is no air AT ALL!!! What ever happened to Spring??? no not in new england, we go from winter to summer... At Ironstone today I thought I was going to die of heat stroke..but anyways... this weekend was highly uneventful... Friday I went to Mac's with Katie and we waited at her house for her to come home because her version of 45min at the latest is 2hours plus some...(I know when she reads this shes gonna blame it on her mom but I dont believe her) then we hung out for a while and I left around 11:30...Saturday I worked 9-5:30... Sunday I worked 10-4 then today I had school then ironstone 4:30-6:30... Tomorrow I think im gonna go to the yearbook meeting after school then Ironstone again 5-7... somewhere in there I need to start getting ready for finals because I havent started to look at anything yet but yea I felt it was time for an update so here it is (I was going to make it a survey just to aggrivate sarah because her last entry was about too many of them but I decided to be nice)

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  • 06/28/05--15:29: my life
  • Monday: I babysat till 11 went to the mall and got my ring fixed and bought a little mermaid cup because it was only $2. Then Ironstone at 4:30 then swimming with Katie and Mac then Friendly's
    Today: I babysat again till 1:00.. Then work 10-6 where I talked to the Dracut boys and Megan all day now im eating dinner and going to see the 3d movie with Katie Mac and Sarah because we are just that cool!!
    Tomorrow: working 10-6 so its a good thing park day was postponed
    Thursday: working 10-6:30
    Friday: working 10-6:30
    Saturday: working 9-5:30
    Sunday: working 10-4
    Feel free to let me know about any plans for after work!!!
    Anyone wanna make plans for the 4th with me?????Please???

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  • 07/12/05--14:44: Article 1
  • Last night was fun... went swimming with Katie and Mac then to the outback... I love us.... we had our usual talks but Im too lazy to write out the funny parts...

    Now Im icing my face because we just had a game and I got hit in the eye by some girls shoulder.... Its all swollen.. hopefully it goes away before my senior pictures next friday!!! After dinner Im going out with Katie to get stuff for park day tomorrow

    AND... tomorrow I will be the proud owner of a cd player for my car... I have an appointment to get it installed at 10..Im excited!

    It is incredibly hard to type with one hand... I keep messing up so I think im gonna stop here

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  • 07/27/05--08:53: Schedule
  • 1-Anatomy-Harb
    3-Semester 1-Photography-Fitz
    Semester 2-Psych-Fiorentini
    5-Semester 1-College and Careers
    Semester 2-Gym
    7-Semester 1- Intern
    Semester 2-Legal Studies- Lenfest

    Let me know if we have any classes together!!!

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